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The Canadian Barbeque Cookbook

$25.00 plus GST

Brad Smoliak’s first ever cookbook that became a Canadian Regional Bestseller. This must-have cookbook is complete with more than 60 recipes for dishes like Grilled Perogies, Cast Iron Potatoes and Brad’s father’s famous recipe for Teriyaki Steak.

Bring it home to your kitchen. Contact us to order, or you can pick items up at your Cooking Class or Party.


Bacon by Brad Smoliak

It’s here! Just in time for the holidays. Bacon Jam…brought to you by Kitchen by Brad Smoliak.

Bacon Jam is perfect in grilled cheese sandwiches, stuffed little potatoes, pasta sauces, on a BBQ’d burger, with meatloaf, as a pizza topping and more.

Anywhere you use bacon, you can use bacon jam instead. It is easy to spread and goes with pretty much anything. It also makes for a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

You can pick up your Bacon Jam at Metro Edmonton Save-On-Foods stores in the deli section.

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