KITCHEN Cooking Classes

This April, think Brunch and Go Greek. We've got two cooking classes this April - one class will have you preparing a killer brunch in your own KITCHEN. The other class will help you master tasty Greek Food. I want to be there!»

We love wine at KITCHEN!

KITCHEN is proud to stage many exclusive, unique wine events. We bring together wine makers and wine lovers, & add a substantial dash Brad's food, and what you have is a memorable night of wine, food and conversation. If you love wine and food, you need to make your way to our KITCHEN. Tell me more!»

Host your corporate meeting or event with us

You know your business. Everyone else shouldn't. Host your business meeting, team building event or retreat with us and we not only promise exceptional food and service, but complete privacy. Our KITCHEN is your boardroom! I want to bring my meeting to KITCHEN»
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