Welcome to KITCHEN – a culinary studio in the heart of downtown Edmonton, Alberta that’s home to corporate and private parties, individual and group cooking classes, catered meetings and more.
Brad portrait chalkboardFor as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to feed people. I love everything about food & cooking. The planning and preparation, the stirring and mixing, the tasting and eating, the sharing with family and friends. Food has never been just fuel and cooking has never been a chore. It’s what some might call a passion, a calling or a true love. I look at food as a way of life, and I am opening up my KITCHEN to share this experience with you.

Good food does not have to be complicated. Good food, thoughtfully prepared can be delicious, exciting and fun. I have worked in all kinds of kitchens and cooked for all kinds of people, from my teenage son to Her Majesty the Queen of England. I had the great honour of taking Alberta food products and showcasing them on the world stage at two Olympic Games – in Vancouver in 2010, and in London in 2012. I work alongside farmers, producers, growers and other food entrepreneurs to make sure the ingredients we use never travel far. Home grown flavour is always on the menu.

Whether you join me in the KITCHEN for a cooking class for one person or ten, or kick it up with your own private KITCHEN party, or facilitate your next business meeting at our KITCHEN table, I promise this is one KITCHEN that always delivers.

Let’s cook up something together. Drop me a line or give me a call. Or take a virtual tour of KITCHEN. See you soon.

Brad Smoliak

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