kitchen_by_brad_DSC_7050What is KITCHEN?

KITCHEN is a culinary studio in downtown Edmonton, Alberta that plays host to cooking classes, private parties, food and wine events.

It is a place where you decide the who, what and when, and we take care of all the rest. It is our KITCHEN, your party.



What is a KITCHEN Party?

We have private event space where you can hold your next party or gathering.

We work together to develop a menu, which is created and prepared by Chefs Brad Smoliak and Tracy Zizek. Our room is set up like a kitchen and we only host one party at a time. You and your guests have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Chef Brad, who can prepare a dish in front of your guests, or mingle and share his cooking tips and latest food obsessions. Our ingredients are sourced from the surrounding area, making a KITCHEN Party a unique event that your guests will be talking about for weeks after.

What kind of parties can be hosted at KITCHEN?

If you have something to celebrate, we’re the place. We’ve hosted KITCHEN parties for every kind of event – birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, weddings, stags and stagettes, girls/guys night out, family get-togethers, corporate retreats and more.

How does a KITCHEN Party work?

CheersHere is what you’re responsible for when you book a KITCHEN Party:

  • Decide what you want to celebrate – birthday, anniversary, or just because.
  • You select a date or two for your party. We check our KITCHEN schedule and if your date is free, we book you in.
  • You work with Chef Brad Smoliak to finalize a menu for your party. You choose a theme (Ukrainian, comfort food, rustic Italian or whatever your heart desires), and then you choose if you want to do a sit-down dinner, family style dinner or stand up reception. Brad will create a menu and share it with you for your feedback at least one week prior to your event.
  • You invite your guests.
  • You put on your best party shoes and show up at your KITCHEN Party.

Here is what WE are responsible for when you book a KITCHEN Party:

  • We prepare the menu in consultation with you.
  • We do all the cooking.
  • We serve your guests throughout the night – drinks, food, cooking tips, good times.
  • We do all the cleaning after your party is done.

What’s on the menu at KITCHEN Party?

The menu can be whatever you want it to be. You will work with Chef Brad to come up with a range of dishes that suit your event, theme and guests.

How many people can you accommodate at a KITCHEN party?

If your KITCHEN Party is stand-up reception style, we can accommodate up to 28 people.

If your KITCHEN Party is a sit-down dinner, we can accommodate up to 18 people over two tables.

If your KITCHEN Party is an interactive cooking class, we can accommodate 8-12 people around Chef Brad’s cooking island. We find 10 people is the ideal number of people for a class.

What does a KITCHEN party cost?

KITCHEN parties are priced on a per guest basis. The exact cost depends on how extensive your menu is. Prices average $145 per person, which is based on the day and time, the menu and your number of guests. The per person price includes wine/beer, all food, service and access to KITCHEN’s room and facilities for the entire evening. Give us a call as we will do our best to accommodate your budget.

Is gratuity included in the cost of a party, or is it additional?

Gratuity is not included in the per person cost for a KITCHEN Party. Gratuity is at your discretion. If you and your guests have an incredible experience at KITCHEN, if you love the food and appreciate our attentive service throughout the evening, a gratuity is appreciated.


Cooking classes

KITCHEN party 1What can I expect when I sign up for a scheduled cooking class?

There will be no more than 12 people in any scheduled cooking class at KITCHEN.

When you arrive, you will be greeted with a welcoming glass of prosecco or a special cocktail. When the class begins, you will sit around Chef Brad Smoliak’s cooking island, and he will prepare every dish in front of you and your classmates.

You will sample every dish that Chef Brad makes (you will not leave hungry). We will also sample wine or beer throughout the class. You will go home with printed recipes for everything that Brad makes. A cooking class also gives you the opportunity to ask Brad questions about what he is preparing, or other questions you’ve asked yourself in your own kitchen.

Each cooking class runs 3 to 3.5 hours, and classes book up quickly.  The cost for a cooking class is $145 per person, plus GST.

Can I book a private cooking class?

YES! You can book a private cooking class for up to 12 people. You work with Brad to decide the theme of your class, or what recipes you want him to cover. When you and your guests arrive, you get the same experience as you would with a scheduled cooking class – welcoming beverage, sampling all the food, wine/beer, recipes to take home, and face time with Chef Brad.

A minimum of 8 people are required. The cost for private cooking classes is $145 per person, plus GST.


General questions

How does alcohol work at KITCHEN?  Do you have other beverages besides beer and wine?

Wine and beer pairings are included in your per person price. We can also offer a basic bar, and a corkage fee ($25) is also available.

I have dietary restrictions/allergies. Can KITCHEN accommodate me?

The menu is created by you and Chef Brad. As such, we are able to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions. Please let us know as soon as possible if you or one of your guests has an allergy or restriction, so we can plan for and prepare other menu options. We promise that no one leaves KITCHEN hungry.

Are kids allowed at KITCHEN?

Yes. When you are at KITCHEN, it is your night and you can bring who you please. We trust that kids will love your menu items as much as your adult guests will. Given that KITCHEN is a party space, we ask that you bring something for kids to do, like an iPad or a small game.

Shrimp in Devil's ButterWhat are people’s favourite KITCHEN menu items?

There are MANY favourite dishes at KITCHEN. But we get a lot of requests for:

  • Billionaire’s Bacon
  • KITCHEN prawns with Devil’s Butter
  • Mini Yorkies stuffed with AAA beef and Horseradish crème fraiche
  • crushed little potatoes
  • whiskey cured arctic char
  • whipped goat cheese
  • any dessert tray our pastry chef Tracy and Chef Brad dream up

I have never seen the space at KITCHEN. Is there a time you are open when I can come by to see it?

Give us a shout and we can book a time for a private viewing.

Do you cater?

KITCHEN does not cater. However, we will review and consider special requests.

Other questions?

We’d be happy to answer them! Drop us an email at info@kitchenbybrad.ca or call us at 780-757-7704.

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