Guest post by Jennifer Fisk

In one word…fantastic. In more detail…well, I could go on and on.

We recently booked a KITCHEN Party for 9 friends and family for my mom’s birthday. No one really knew what to expect, other than we knew we would eat well having tasted Brad’s cooking before.

What we experienced was honestly one of the best Edmonton food experiences we’ve had in a long time. My mom worked with Brad in the days preceding the party to develop the menu. She settled on a Pan-Asian theme, since no one in our family is very good at making Asian food and we’d all have something to learn. She told Brad she would love to know how to make Butter Chicken and Lemongrass Beef, but left the rest of the menu up to him.

After we arrived at KITCHEN and enjoyed a fabulous glass of prosecco, we spent the next 3 hours sitting around Brad’s cooking bar, watching him prepare everything from Cast Iron Scallops with Thai Basil Sauce to Braised Korean Boneless Short Ribs (which were to die for). He prepared each dish right before our eyes and always explained the ingredients he was adding and what he was doing. What was most helpful was that he explained the WHY, so that we could understand the reason behind different cooking techniques, ingredients and choices. Even the most experienced cooks in our group walked away with cooking and ingredient tips we have since used in our own kitchens. Tips like:

  • Cooking your raw chicken in the curry sauce, rather than cooking the chicken separately and then adding it to the sauce (the chicken takes on more flavour when you cook it in the sauce).
  • How to look for the butter or oil to bleed through to the top of your butter chicken sauce (or any tomato sauce, for that matter) as a sign that the flavours are well blended.
  • The always important reminder to use kosher salt in your cooking, leaving regular old table salt only for taking out red wine stains in carpets or clothes.

In addition to eating everything Brad made, which we shared family-style after he prepared each dish, we got to take the recipes home, which were printed and waiting for us when arrived, allowing us to make notes as we went along.

The entire evening was like an episode on the Food Network, produced just for us.

KITCHEN is an inviting, intimate location for a party and gathering of close family and friends. Brad is so easy going and fit in just like he was a member of the family. In fact, the entire night felt like a party in my own kitchen. Except this party didn’t require me to clean the house or do any dishes.

We will be back for another KITCHEN Party with Brad soon.