Imagine. Sweet and salty with just a touch of smoky heat, married between two pieces of fresh bread with gooey, melted gouda cheese nestled in between.

Or how about the best ever meatloaf, made simply by adding in a little bacony goodness.

Or, amp’ing up that left over tomato sauce and cheese ravioli or gnocchi. Yummm…..are you getting the idea?

The key to these food dreams is my new Bacon Jam.  Anywhere you use bacon, you can use bacon jam instead. It is easy to spread and goes with pretty much anything. As mentioned, it is perfect in grilled cheese sandwiches, stuffed little potatoes, pasta sauces, on a BBQ’d burger, with meatloaf, as a pizza topping and more. It also makes for a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

Now, technically I am not allowed to call it as jam as according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), jam must contain at least 52% fruit. And thankfully in this case, there’s no fruit. Bacon, bacon and more bacon.

You can pick up your Bacon Jam at Metro Edmonton Save-On-Foods stores in the deli section. We will be gathering customer feedback and watching how it sells over the holiday season.

This was a great opportunity for me because I love bacon, as many of you know, and it was the chance to show friends and clients what I do as a research chef. This was a product that I developed and featured in many of my menus over the last couple of years and I always got great response. So, I finally decided to take it to the next level. I’ve partnered with Save-On-Foods as they are a grocery retailers dedicated to featuring more local products.  Bacon by Brad can be found in the deli section and is only in Edmonton and area stores for a limited time.

Get your Bacon Jam, whip up that grilled cheese and let me know what you think.