Many of KITCHEN’s signature products are perfect for your holiday entertaining or gift giving:

  • Bacon Jam – a perfect stocking stuffer for the men on your Christmas list. And, it transforms into many quick and easy appetizers for that upcoming holiday party. Here are a few more ideas on how Bacon Jam can make your holiday entertaining and cooking simple. $9.49 for a 125ml jar
  • Espresso Caramel – a buttery caramel sauce with a subtle coffee flavour that takes ice cream or cake to another level. $7.50 for a 250ml jar
  • Hot Fudge Sauce – some say this is the best hot fudge sauce ever. All I know is that it is damn good on everything from ice cream to brownies, and when paired with the espresso caramel it makes for a perfect gift for the dessert lovers on your naughty and nice lists. $7.50 for a 250ml jar
  • BBQ Rub – this rub works with pretty much any meat. Chicken, beef, pork, shrimp. Keep your protein moist and juicy while adding just a hint of spice. $7.50 for a 250ml jar
  • Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce – this rich, flavourful sauce is great mixed with pasta, or on chicken, fish, potatoes or perogies. $7.50 for a 250ml jar

Buy these products at KITCHEN for three days from Wednesday, December 19 to Friday, December 21 from 11am to 7pm. Drop by for a sample, purchase your gifts from KITCHEN (stock is limited!), and check off tasks on your holiday entertaining list and gifts from your shopping list.

You can also stock up on two other great, local products while you are here – Newget and Mojo’s Pickles are also available for purchase.

KITCHEN is located at: #101, 10130 – 105 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

If you want more details, or need directions, give me a call at 780-757-7704.

Happy Holidays! See you soon in the KITCHEN.