It is true. I’d rather be called a cook than a chef.

I had the honour of recently being profiled in NAIT‘s Techlife magazine. One of my good friends and favourite authors, Jennifer Cockrall-King, wrote the article and I thought the photo from Blaise van Malsen turned out pretty good too. Read the article and let me know what you think.

But what I liked most about this feature story is that it highlighted my philosophy on food and cooking. I believe food should be tasty to eat AND fun to prepare. I enjoy spending the time creating new dishes and coming up with recipes. The article mentions how I commented that many chefs get caught up in the business of running their restaurant, managing staff and minding the bottom line. These are all important responsibilities, but they take away from being able to love and create food.

No matter where KITCHEN and my career takes me, I always want to have the the time and freedom to love food. If that makes me a cook, so be it!