We are having another 2-day sale of KITCHEN food products – all of the things you need to make your Easter entertaining easier.

You can buy all of our signature products at KITCHEN on: THURSDAY MARCH 28, from 11am – 6pm, and SATURDAY MARCH 30 10am – 6pm. 

Our KITCHEN food products save you time and effort as they take the work out of some of the dishes on your Easter menu. These tasty items also make great hostess gifts:

  • Bacon Jam – transforms into many quick and easy appetizers, and it is spectacular on grilled cheese. Here are a few more ideas on how Bacon Jam can make your entertaining simple. $9.49 for 125ml jar
  • Saskatoon Compote – braised Saskatoons with honey, lemon & a touch of cinnamon. Great on ice cream or take Easter cakes to another level. $7.50 for 250ml jar
  • Hot Fudge Sauce – some say this is the best hot fudge sauce ever. All I know is that it is good on everything from ice cream to brownies. $7.50 for 250ml jar
  • Pomegranate Dressing – Not only is this great on salads, but it awesome on roasted lamb or as a glaze for your Easter ham. $7.50
  • BBQ Rub – this rub works with pretty much any meat. Chicken, beef, pork, shrimp. Keep your protein moist and juicy while adding just a hint of spice. $7.50 for 250ml jar
  • Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce – this rich, flavourful sauce is great mixed with pasta, or on chicken, fish, potatoes or perogies. $10.00 for 250ml jar

Supplies are limited so get here early!

While shopping for KITCHEN products, you can also stock up on some other great, local products. We will also have for sale: Newget, Bryanne’s Hunny (100% Alberta honey), DeFazio Biscotti, and cookies from The Art of Cake.

KITCHEN is located at: #101, 10130 – 105 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

If you want more details, would like to reserve your order, or need directions, give Brad a call at 780-757-7704.

Happy Easter! See you soon in our KITCHEN.