Father’s Day is near and we all know shopping for Dad can be challenging. Does he really need another tie or garden tool?

One thing I have learned over the years is that while most men like to cook, ALL men like to BBQ! To save you shopping time and to make Dads everywhere happy, I put together this simple BBQ kit.

Brad’s BBQ Kit contains three simple items in a neat little box (perfect for shipping):

The Canadian Barbeque Cookbook

I wrote this book because so many BBQ cookbooks are written by Americans using American ingredients we often don’t have access to. My book, a regional bestseller, gives you tips on how to BBQ with cherry wood and apple wood (woods we can buy here in Canada), preparing wild game for the grill, how to make great ribs, grill perogies and how to make scallops or lobster on the BBQ. These recipes and more, complete with simple insightful tips and my tricks of the trade.

Bacon Jam

What dad doesn’t like bacon? My Bacon Jam been on the market for only a few months, but this new condiment is flying off store shelves. It is made with locally sourced bacon and it can be added to ground beef to make the best burgers, mixed in with Caesar salad dressing, grilled with oysters in the half shell or stirred into scrambled eggs for breakfast. The possibilities are endless.


This is the quintessential rub for your entire BBQ season. It’s great on steaks, ribs, chicken, salmon and shrimp, because it is the perfect balance of sweet with spice. You can add as little or as much as your taste buds like, and you can apply it just before grilling or use it as a dry rub marinade overnight. You can also add your own additions – make it spicier by adding chilies, or give it a Latin flavor by adding coffee and cumin. This is the base to everything good that comes off your BBQ this summer.

Brad’s BBQ Kits are $35 (GST included) and are available at KITCHEN on Saturday, June 8 and Saturday, June 15 (10am to 3pm). Brad will also be selling his BBQ Kits and other KITCHEN products at the City Market Downtown on 104th Street on Saturday, June 15 – just in time for Father’s Day.