Sometimes it’s the sauce that takes a dish from good to great.

I hear from customers and home cooks all the time how making a sauce can be intimidating. How it is easier to just buy a jar of pasta sauce or salad dressing, rather than make it yourself.

I do not lie. Sauces are NOT mysterious and they are EASY to make. Sauces enhance the flavour and texture of any dish, and I am going to show you how.

Join me for my inaugural, first ever, numero uno KITCHEN Cooking Class: Sauces 101!

20140319_183404In this class, I’ll teach you how to make:

  • easy to create pan sauces and reductions
  • a truly great marinara sauce
  • pesto
  • various French “mother” sauces like demi-glace, veloute and béchamel, and how and where to use them in your cooking
  • vinaigrettes for salads
  • party dips & sauces
  • and of course, sweet luscious sauces to top your favourite dessert

You will taste all of the sauces we create, and class would not be complete without a little wine and beverages.

Tuesday, April 22nd (new date!)

6:30 pm – 9:30pm


Location: At KITCHEN, #101, 10130 – 105 Street, Edmonton

Class is limited to 8 people, so book your spot soon!

To register, email Brad at