20140622_191231KITCHEN by Brad & Eberhard Tamm of Enotri Wines have come together yet again to present the “Pink Dinner”.

What is the Pink Dinner? It is an evening where we celebrate fabulous roses from Provenance, rosattos from Italy, a unique rose from Germany and a few surprise selections from Spain and Italy. A KITCHEN wine dinner would not be complete without Brad creating a perfect pairing menu. This time, Brad will create dishes to pair with each wine using ingredients that are known for their cancer fighting properties.

Proceeds from the dinner will go to the Alberta Cancer Foundation in support of their fight against breast cancer.

Tickets are priced at $175/person (including GST) and we have spots available for two dates:

Sunday, October 19 at 6:30pm

Monday, October 20 at 6:30pm

Tickets always go fast for our wine dinners as KITCHEN is small and intimate, and we have to say it, the dinners are exceptional. Reserve your spot as soon as possible by emailing info@kitchenbybrad.ca or calling 780-757-7704.