Christmas is upon us, so come spend some time in my KITCHEN so you can spend less time in yours!

To make your holiday entertaining and gift giving easier, I will be selling many of my signature products at KITCHEN for one day only. Drop by and pick up my house-made:

Pomegranate dressing
Whether you use it to dress your salad along with some cranberries, nuts and crumbled cheese, or use it to dress your roasted vegetables or Brussel sprouts, this dressing is a versatile addition to your holiday food arsenal.

Devil’s Butter
Be naughty this Christmas and get yourself some Devil’s Butter to use on grilled cheese, melted on fish or your favorite vegetable (like green beans) during the festive season.  Add a big dollop to your hollandaise for an extra special eggs benny.

Wild mushrooms sauce, aka: “ Ukrainian gravy”
Mushrooms in cream with garlic, onions and a splash of wine. That’s it and it’s great on toast, on top of vegetables and delivers the best ever green bean casserole.

Brad’s BBQ Rub
This is a long time fan favorite at KITCHEN. Use it to brine the bird or rub it directly on your turkey or prime rib for the extra special roast. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Crème Fraiche
It is just like sour cream but better. Mix it in mashed potatoes, bake it into banana bread, or add some horseradish and black pepper to make that roast beef dinner even better.

Whisky caramel sauce
Great on warm ginger bread or any fruit pie or cake, with whipped cream, roasted apples, or even just as an add in for your coffee.

Bacon Jam
It’s back! We’re doubling the size for the holidays. Legendary for breakfast in scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, or baked with Gouda cheese on puff pastry.

This is a one day sale so mark your calendar. KITCHEN is conveniently located downtown at #101, 10130 – 105 Street and we will be open from 10am to 6pm. Come early as supplies are limited.

See you soon!