It’s no secret. Brad loves meatballs.

So every Friday (except on Canada Day on Friday, July 1) we celebrate meatballs at KITCHEN by Brad.

Each Friday, we make a different flavour of meatball and a different side dish. They are piping hot and ready for you to eat for lunch. There’s been Mexican meatballs, “beef dip” balls, meatballs made with Irving’s farm fresh pork, Rangeland bison, wagyu beef and more.

For $8.00, you get three just-prepared meatballs and our side dish of the day, which could be mashed potatoes, fried rice, roasted potatoes — who knows!  You’re welcome to each your lunch at KITCHEN, or you can take it back to the office or across the street to the park.

Follow us on Twitter as we tweet this week’s meatball flavour and side on Friday mornings. Meatball Madness is available only on Fridays from 11:30am to 1:00pm. The meatballs often sell out so get here early!