Never been to KITCHEN and wondering what it is all about?


Here are the top 4 things you need to know about KITCHEN before you book a party, or attend a cooking class or event.

01 | You get access to our chefs, every single time you are here.

Whether you are coming for a party or a cooking class or attending one of our winemaker dinners, you will see Chef Brad Smoliak and/or Chef Tracy Zizek serving up dishes, mingling with guests, cooking at the island and sharing their best cooking and ingredient secrets and tips. You will have the opportunity to meet the people making your food and get to know them a little bit better.

02 | We believe in “substantial grazing”.

Our favourite style of eating is what we call, “substantial grazing”. What this means is that over the course of the evening, we bring out various dishes at different times so you and your guests can taste and try as the party or event progresses. We can do plated meals and family style dinners too, but we think eating in smaller quantities all throughout the evening is smart as it allows you to try and appreciate more. It also allows us to introduce more Alberta-based ingredients into the menu. As any past KITCHEN guest will tell you, substantial grazing means you will leave this KITCHEN satisfied and full.

03 | KITCHEN is all yours.

We are not a restaurant. You can’t walk in off the street and grab dinner. KITCHEN is a private event space. AT KITCHEN, we host demonstration cooking classes and events that anyone can attend if they buy an advance ticket. But more importantly, in this KITCHEN you can host your next party or event – could be a gathering of friends, a shower or stag, a birthday or anniversary celebration. When you have your party here, the space is entirely yours. You invite your guests, share with Brad what you might like to have on the menu, pick your music and party start time — the night is yours. And the best part is, we do all the rest.

04 | Our KITCHEN is not too big but not too small.

How many people can KITCHEN accommodate? If you are hosting a party with substantial grazing, we can accommodate up to 28 people. If you’d like your party to include a sit-down dinner, we can accommodate up to 18 people over two tables. If you’d like an interactive demonstration cooking class for you and friends, we can accommodate 8-12 people (10 is the ideal number) around Chef Brad Smoliak’s cooking island. A short cooking class can be included with any KITCHEN party too. We also love hosting tour groups from across Canada and around the world.