Thanksgiving is the favourite holiday of the Smo’s. No gifts, no expectations, just a time to reflect on the past year and what we have to be grateful for. The Smo’s have much to be grateful for. We realize 2020 has been a tough year for many but we choose to find the bits of goodness among the negativity.

We met Aimee & David Benjestorf, who started the Pandemic Planting Project that you may have heard about through our socials. They delivered over 95,000 lbs of potatoes and other vegetables to the Edmonton Food Bank this year. We just completed a Thanksgiving Soup Fundraiser with them and are very proud to announce that we sold out of soup – over 200 litres. We will be splitting $2545 between the Edmonton Food Bank, and the VAD Program at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute!!!!

We met Sam. Best day at Kitchen ever! Sam has become our inspiration. At 8 years old, this young Superman is going to run circles around Brad at Kitchen in no time.

We are working on a wonderful fundraiser this coming Thursday with dear friends Brad & Pam Schneider. They are opening a new A&W in Stony Plain. Their preview night (invited guests only – sorry) is a MAZ Fundraiser. WOW!!!! Brad and Sam are going to be flipping burgers. If you are out in Stony Plain please stop by and support this new A&W. Public opening, October 16th!!!

There are so many other things to be grateful for, our amazing son Nicholas, who makes us proud every day, living his best life studying Physics in London UK, the rest of our family and friends, city for which we live, healthcare that we have received, our wonderful clients at Kitchen by Brad Smoliak, and the loving arms that have “virtually” wrapped around us with support.

Brad is presently at the MAZ receiving some of this top notch medical care. Don’t worry, he is just getting a tune up. Some fresh blood, a little iron, a new drug cocktail, and he will be good as new. We told the docs that he has to be out by Thursday as he has a date with the A&W Root Bear!

If you do want to give a gift of gratitude this year, consider giving to the VAD Program, The Edmonton Food Bank, a blood donation, or register to be a tissue & organ donor.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We hope that you take the time to think back on this past year and find all the nuggets of goodness to be grateful for. We bet you will find many.

With much love,

The Smo’s