It is that time of the year to put your PJ’s on, get the old movies out, and snuggle in with your loved ones. We are hunkering down a little earlier than anticipated this year so let’s make the best of it, the Smo’s are. There is still a little party in us too. We are planning to zoom with some friends, crack open some good wine, and eat some great food. Why wait!

Since we are all hanging out at home with our loved ones more, we thought we should get more komfortable. Kitchen by Brad Smoliak is rolling out “Kitchen Komforts”.

Each Tuesday we will be featuring “Baba’s Cooking”.
Each Wednesday will be “Diner Classics” with an ever-changing menu. $5 going to the UofA Hospital Foundation.
Each Thursday will be “Kitchen Kasseroles”. This will be old fashioned casseroles that your mom used to make, and a salad on the side. The kasseroles will be sold either ready to serve, or ready to reheat. Sized in 2’s & 4’s.
*We are having a Kasserole Kontest!!! Send us your favourite casserole recipe and if we use the “exact” recipe you will get a Kitchen basket of treats!! FYI Kitchen does not use any canned soups or ingredients ie. cream of mushroom, cream of celery. We know these are often the base for casserole recipes. Send recipes to

Check our socials regularly for changing menus and prices.

Kitchen Party TO GO! Yes, you can still party like it’s 1999!! Think virtual. Order Kitchen Party TO GO for your group. Each person can swing by Kitchen to pick up their individual party package of amazing food & wine, head home to put on their party clothes and ZOOM with their group. There are lots of great games you can find online, crank up the tunes and have a dance party, pour the wine and nosh on the fine food. Best part…nobody has to worry about driving!

Bob Cratchet’s Christmas Helper. Take the pain out of kitchen prep. All you have to do is roast the turkey, chicken, roast beef or whatever you like as your main, and Kitchen by Brad will do the rest. Kitchen will prepare all of the side dishes and accoutrements you will need to round out the dinner, ready to be reheated Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Kitchen by Brad is busy getting ready for our annual Christmas Sale & Open House. We are busy baking cookies, making Kitchen bacon, caramel sauce, pear & cranberry mustarda, and many other great treats to get ready for the sale. December 22nd – 24th.

Other gift ideas: We have Gift Certificates available for Cooking Classes. per person $152.25. Wednesday Kitchen to Go for 2pp + bottle of wine $75.60.

We are excited to see you at our takeout window over the next month. It is unfortunate that Kitchen can’t remain open for parties this holiday season. We hope you think of us for some of our TO GO options.

The health and safety of our clients who are friends, and our friends who are clients, is the most important thing in the world to us. We wish you good health and happiness over the next month and into 2021. Enjoy this time with your family. Eat well, dust off the bottles you were saving for a special day. That day is now!

With love, The Smo’s