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Pre-orders are now open, and pick ups will start on Wednesday December 8, 2021.

We will continue to stock new items as we get closer to Christmas. These are wonderful items to stock in your own kitchen larder, but also make grand host gifts and stocking stuffers. Keep extra on hand to grab as you run out the door to a party, or over to a friend’s home for a cuppa.

Order on-line and pick-up at Kitchen by Brad, Tuesday through Friday 11am – 5pm, Saturday 2pm – 5pm. Please call in-advance to ensure we are at Kitchen as we may have ducked out for a moment (780)757-7704.

Mustard Pickles

Made in the traditional Newfoundland style, this recipe is compliments of our good friend Dale. Chalk full of peppers, onions & cucumbers. Zingy with a touch of sweet. Should be on every festive table, from casual parties to formal dinners.


Bacon Jam

Its back! Spreadable on toast, bagels, burgers, mixed in meatballs, on a charcuterie board or by the teaspoon straight from the jar in the middle of the night.


Devil’s Butter

A Kitchen favourite! Delicious on bread, tossed with pasta, melted on popcorn, on a steak or vegetables. Be prepared to become addicted.



Although designed for the barbeque, it is so much more. This spice mix can be used any time of year for vegetables, meat, chicken, or fish. This is another great accoutrement for popcorn.


Butterscotch Sauce

Sweet & buttery, the perfect topping for ice cream, gingerbread cake, or… on its own in the middle of the night by the spoonful.


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